She’s Spitting Up So Much! | Do I Have to Stop Breastfeeding?

This is no regular spit up. She’s spitting up a huge amount every single time. It happens 8-20 times a day on average. It always reminds me of ‘The Exorcist’ when she does. When I’m holding her and she spits up it’s always a lot. It leaves puddles on the carpet and she wakes up in puddles of her own vomit. When she’s awake and laying on her back she grunts a lot – a whole lot.

When she’s spitting up she never look to be as if she’s in pain. She could be in the middle of babbling and she’ll spit up as if it was nothing. Other times she could be entertaining herself while laying down and end up choking on her vomit.

I’ve changed my diet many times and nothing I eat seems to change her amount of vomit. At this point, it’s more than just spit up, she’s throwing up. I don’t know what to do other than starting her on formula. It pains me to have to say that, it frustrates me that I have to think about it. I didn’t get a chance to breastfeed my son and I was so looking forward to breastfeeding my daughter for at least a year. Here it is, not even 3 months in and I’m stuck deciding on if she’s just allergic to my breast milk.

When I talked to her pediatrician, she told me to cut back on feeding her seeing as I make so much of it. She thinks she’s engorging herself because of how much I make. Well, I’ve tried that and there’s no change and it leaves her crying and screaming for more.

If you look at her, you couldn’t tell that she has a problem with keeping food down, she’s huge. She weighs a few ounces shy of 13 pounds. I honestly don’t know what to do here but to switch her food. I really don’t want to, but what else is there? If I change my diet anymore, I’d be stuck with just drinking water and eating unsalted crackers.


  1. queerconceptional · March 3, 2015

    Sounds like reflux. Doctor might tell you that its not reflux unless it upsets her when she throws up (like one said to me), but it is. You can get medication to stop it or a thickener you can feed her after meals to help it stay down. The thing that helps us the most is eating solids. We started our daughter at 4 and a half months as she was interested. Even just a few mouthfuls made a big difference.

  2. E. C. · March 21, 2015

    Could be reflux. Honestly, if she’s happy and gaining weight, I wouldn’t even worry too much about it. Get a handful of cloth diapers – the cheap Gerber ones are great for this, and use those for cleanup.

    3-4 months is prime spit time. They are having yet another growth spurt, and lose track of where the ‘full’ line is. Thus, they overeat, and spit. They figure it out after a bit, and the problem goes away.

    You might want to see if you can find a local La Leche League group – they offer free help with breastfeeding, and usually have other mom’s working out similar issues – and both your kids are welcome, not just baby! (Plus, then you can make mom-friends and do play dates and stuff!)

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