A Killer Blowout

Other mothers should know the term ‘blowout’ like they gave birth to the word itself.  I just had the worst kind of diaper blowout a new mother can experience. My lovely son was squirming and fussy all day; just couldn’t keep still. He has impeccable timing nonetheless. He manages to wait til we get back home to have this record-breaking blow out. It was pasty and running down one side the diaper and down his thigh and leg. It was all over theonesie. My husband simply wanted to throw it away, but that’s whatDreft is for right?

Well this is how it went:

I was hungry, was about to get my fat butt up and eat. Stopped by thecouch where son and husband is sitting and said hi to Adam little when Big Adam says “you want to change his diaper before you take your nap?” I told him I wasn’t about to take a nap but I can change his diaper. I pick Adam Little up and put him on his changing mat and sit down on the couch. I look…and see all this green pasty substance oozing out the diaper and down his thigh. I say “ewwww Adam” and Big Adam looks at the catastrophe that is the blow out Little Adam put upon me and then Adam tells me to stand up and come to find out, he crapped so bad it was on the couch and now on my behind. Long story short, he crapped, I cleaned it up and now I’m not hungry any more. Lost my damn appetite.

After I washed up and got into some clean clothes, I just metaphorically threw my hands up and sat back down at my desk. I don’t know, either I’m not hungry or I’m simply too lazy to make me a sandwich with a side of chips andpotato salad and a kosher dill pickle to boot. I just know that my son have had some gnarly blowouts in the past but this one I’m going to remember till he gets old enough and I can tell him. That is definitely one for the book.

What’s weird is although I show my displeasure vocally, I’m not actually disgusted about it. I just say to myself that it’ll be over soon. The pleasure in seeing my son all giddy and happy to let all that out is enough for me to get through. Now he’s in his napper turned on his side with his hand to his face passed out. I love my son.

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