Things a Gamer Mom Misses After She Has Kids

This may be a short list or a long one; don’t know yet. I’m just going with the flow. My son is asleep, classwork finished, pizza is in the oven, husband is happy, so I’m taking advantage of the moment to reminisce on the things a gamer mom miss. Feel free to add more in the comments if I’ve missed any.

  1. Late night game marathons. Oh how I wish I can stay up late and play video games until my thumbs and trigger fingers cramp. I can no longer do that. I have to go to sleep when my son goes to sleep because he wakes up at the crack of dawn ready to play — or lay on his back and squeal until mom wakes up.
  2. Uninterrupted gaming. Those days are pretty much over. My husband plays games day in and day out without worrying about the baby bothering him because he know I’m going to get him. When it’s my turn to enjoy a little game time, I have to wait until he’s in the bed for the night to play. Even then that’s short-lived because of reason # 1.
  3. Working gaming controllers. I had this one white wired Xbox 360 controller since 2005. It’s gone through spills, throws, stomps, the whole 9. All it takes is a curious 6 month old to put a short in it resulting in me having to buy another one. My old controller now belongs to him. The newer ones feel cheap and in the need of some oil in the triggers; never heard of squeaky triggers until now.
  4. Co-op sessions with the husband. This one is self-explanatory right?
  5. Video game money is now diaper, milk and clothes money.Before, all I needed to do was pay for rent, buy clothes and food to buy for me. Now when a new release come out that I really want I have to wait until I have a little spending money for myself; which is never. This saddens me some times.
  6. No more violent games. Well he’s only 9 months but soon enough, I’m going to have to cut back on shooting games and stick to racing games and The Sims franchise when I do get a chance to play. So that means, no Gears of War 3. No Left 4 Dead. No Resident Evil; just Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and SimCity 3000.

My Son and Bohemian Rhapsody

First off, if you don’t know who Queen is, educate yourself and put some real music to your ears and give them a listen.

Anyway, I was on Youtube watching a video — or at least going to – when this ad about Google Nexus and Google+ came on with these chicks were singing Queen Bohemian Rhapsody and when the ad was over he got so upset. First I’m like “wait, was it the girls or the song?” in my head. So I pulled up the original video of the song and he’s been quietly humming off tune to the song ever since. When the guitar solo comes he slaps his thigh and stares at my television without blinking.

I’m just not sure how many times do I have to press repeat before he’s had enough. If he’s anything like his mother, it’ll be a while.

He doesn’t like Beyoncé, or Biggie Smalls, he likes real music. I’m so proud of him.

Here’s the ad I was watching when he went bananas when it was over:

He’s definitely my son. I had to split screen to do this blog because if I were to even look like I was closing the window to his song he’ll start flipping out.

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