The Conscious Movement is Getting Just As Bad As Religion

This ashy Imhotep nonsense is getting out of hand:

No evidence, no sources or references just a bunch of bullshit. He blocked me and changed his Facebook name of course. I was told to “look it up” when demanding for evidence. I was then told to stay in my place and figure out who I am because he builds and destroys. He provided scriptures so I should have known that I wouldn’t have gotten anything I’ve asked for just on that alone.

There’s no such thing as a ‘woke Christian’.

What’s with these conscious blacks that claim they are ‘woke’ but looks to me to be in a coma? Some of you woke black people should seriously consider taking a goddamn nap. I can’t really tell which part of ‘woke’ some of you are. It must be the part that allows you to preach and inject logical fallacies and nonsequiturs into a metaphorical yoni with your third eye and essential oils.

While I’m on the topic of hotep: I hope they realize Egypt isn’t the only place in Africa. They’re so obsessed with this ideology that black people are descendants of Kings and Queens all that ash has clouded their judgment. Stop it. We’re not even from Africa. Listen to me you ashy, delusional, cherry-picking motherfuckas, you’re annoying! Your arguments are pointless, baseless, worthless and useless. This conscious movement is becoming as bad as religion itself. Your proselytizing is unattractive and you should feel bad.

This is just one example, but they run in groups. I’m sure he’ll return under another moniker and will have to run and change his name again.

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