The Glucose Test

Well today was the big day. We [me and you in there] went to our prenatal appointment today. I like our prenatal appointments. They are a lot different from a regular prenatal appointment. It’s in a group setting. There we have other pregnant women that is due June like me and we talk and discuss our pregnancies. Today we danced; our OB-GYN showed us some dance techniques that will help us with hip and back pains. I could barely do them because my hip was killing me. Good old Sciatica. The name of this program is called Centering Pregnancy.

We take our own weight and our own blood pressure. I gained 8lbs since my last visit. The doctor was said all the women in our group gained a lot of weight as well. I think the weight I gained is all you though; maybe. My stomach isn’t really out there yet, I can still see my feet just fine.

Anyway, the Glucose Tolerance Test was not as bad as other women were telling me. I had the orange flavor and it tasted like Gatorade; it was nice and cold. I was reading in my pregnancy group on Facebook that a lot of women get sick afterwards. I was just fine. After I took the test, I had to get my blood drawn and your mom is scared of needles. The blood draw was for the glucose test, and to check and see if my prenatal vitamins are giving me the required iron that I need. I can guess right now that it probably isn’t. My nails are very weak and brittle like they were before I got pregnant and I’m always tired; that could be because of the pregnancy,  I don’t know.

Hopefully when they call me with the results to my test, I don’t have to come in to take the 3 hour glucose test. I really don’t want to be in a hospital that long.

I left the hospital  and took a trip to Granny’s. She had got me some jogging outfits and some receiving blankets for you. I ended up finding about the surprise her and your great great Aunt had for me and you. They’re making baby baskets since they couldn’t throw me a baby shower. The baskets are huge and I know they’re going to fill them up. Your great grandma and your great great-aunt is so excited about you, it’s a bit of a shock actually. Our family is tiny but I didn’t think it would be that much of a big deal to them. Guess I was wrong. Well just know mommy & daddy as well as the rest of your family loves you a lot already. Can’t wait to see you.

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Chicken Night

Yep, tonight we had baked chicken, candied yamsgreen beans, and mashed potatoes. Hopefully what I eat tonight doesn’t interfere with the glucose test I have to take tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll like my cooking. I think I’m a decent cook.

You’re really active in there; getting stronger by the day. You kicked me so hard in my ribs last night it actually hurt. I can tell there is more to come as the pregnancy progresses. I’m not really running to the bathroom every 15 minutes…yet but you do tend to sit on my bladder which causes me to go to the bathroom.

Hopefully I’ve gained a decent amount of weight when I check and see tomorrow. I was 140lbs at my last appointment; still under the required weight that I’m supposed to be. I guess that’ll change as you grow. I guess your great-grandmother was right, I am going to be “all baby” because I am. I’m planning on taking pictures once I’m 7 months, I won’t be taking many; probably just two. Your mom has a  photophobia.

Friends Come First

I was going to cook today but I changed my mind. My gums were bleeding and my teeth were all screwed up due to my lack of calcium. I haven’t had my daily regimen of calcium in almost a month and a half. I would have went and gotten themilk I need myself but the store is TOO far from the apartment and I really didn’t want to walk that far by myself caring all that milk; and it seems like my needs come last in most cases.

Well your father just came back from wherever he was at and the door slammed. You’ve been active and light-way hurting me all day and I finally get you to calm down and he goes and mess it up. I don’t know what’s on my right side that you’re so fond of but you’re really enjoying it.

For some reason, I can’t seem to get full. I don’t try to eat till I’m full but I’m eating large meals within hours of each other. I don’t know what that could mean but I’ll be sure to ask my OB-GYN come Tuesday. Your father’s timing couldn’t have been more impeccable. He’s been summoned on the same day. I can’t even remember the last time he’s been to my prenatal appointments. It’s okay I guess, friends come first. That was sarcasm by the way.

Don’t get me wrong, he went and bought me some milk after he was done taking care of his customers or whatever. I just think he only did that to keep from walking all the way down the street to get my W.I.C. I have a lot of calcium intake to catch up on and I’m going to need more than just 2 half-gallons. I see the only person I can really count on right now is me.

Walking is really beneficial for me right now so I guess it’s not a total pain. Other than the Sciatica, I should be fine.

A Blasé Day

It was just that. Nothing spectacular happened today. All I did was sit on my butt all day and watched House MD and ate Lemon Heads. I had a very strong sweet tooth today.

I did notice something about you today. You play favoritism to my right side. Very seldom do you kick box my left ribs, you’re always on my right side. I really wish I could read your father though. He doesn’t rub my belly or talk to you at all. I won’t be shocked if you don’t recognize his voice once you’re born. Which is sad. I don’t want to think that or say anything bad about your father but there’s little to no bond between you, me and him; hopefully it’s a phase.

I hope by June, he’s at least cut down on the cigarettes, it’s disgusting and I don’t want the first thing you smell is stale tobacco.

Hey In There!

There is no need to be kicking my bladder, Mr. man. I know I’ve nicknamed you Thumper but I’m starting to believe that it’s all too fitting. Well I managed to get out and do a bit of walking today. Although it was drizzling, it felt nice. Had to refill my prenatal vitamins and make a visit to the bank. Gave me some time to think about you and your father. I wonder what kind of relationship you guys are going to have. I just hope he won’t be too busy for you. That would break my heart.

Guess what? You father has his own blog now too. It’s private though and in due time, he’ll be able to read it. I just want to give him enough to read before I send him the e-mail. Hopefully he reads it. As much reading he do on technology-wait, my blog might just put him to sleep. He seems to only read when it’s interesting. Anyway, enough of that, everything was okay today. MySciatica didn’t bother me much and I was actually able to walk without wincing in pain with every step.

We have a prenatal appointment on Tuesday next week. From the feel of it, you’re doing fine. Kicking me in my ribs and responding to every key I press on the keyboard. Cute.

I had grilled cheese, a chicken sandwich and spaghetti today. I felt like a pig afterwards. I really feel sorry for the women who can’t eat certain things without it upsetting their stomachs. That must suck.

I thought about you a lot today. Wondering what you look like, how tall you’re going to get when you reach that age. How much you’re going to look and act like your dad. Two Adam’s under one roof…oh man.

An Okay Day

Today was slow and miserable for the most part. You were kicking me and probably looking around for the first time. Today you opened your eyes. I wonder what it looks like in there. I know you’re wondering what it looks like out here.

Living so high up sucks. Why? Heat rises, and I’ve been hot all day; sweating all over the place. I hope I’m not losing weight. It’s like a sweat shop without the manual labor in the bedroom. Today I was too weak, or tired to get up and leave the apartment and go downstairs or something.

I know you’re wondering what’s that you’re hearing. It doesn’t sound likeFamily Guy or House MD, it’s because today I’ve decided to watch a movie. You know to switch it up a bit. It’s Iron Man 2. Speaking of which, the new upcoming movie ‘The Avengers‘ is supposed to be filmed here in Cleveland, Ohio. Isn’t that great?! Captain America is not my cup of tea at all but hopefully this movie turns out well. Spiderman came out good when they filmed a section of that here so we shall see.

Anyway, besides the irregular heartbeat and the fact that I’m hot all the time, everything else is ok. Your mom is doing good so far and hopefully you are too. We shall see once I take this glucose test for gestational diabetes next week. I should be ok, I rarely eat sugar but then again, I eat a lot of pasta and other starches. I hope I won’t have to fast before I take this test. Mommy loves you.

Spaghetti Night

We had spaghetti today. It was very good in fact. It’s odd that I can’t eat sweet and sour chicken, drink vegetable juice or eatManwich without getting heartburn but I can eat spaghetti and lasagna just fine. You are a man after my heart; you already love pasta as much as me. Either that or you’re a picky eater.

I think your dad really likes my cooking, as well as your great grandma. Every time she calls me, she ask me when am I going to make some more lasagna. I learned from the best I guess, she taught me everything I know so it makes sense that whatever I cook is pretty good. I Think once I’m done with this blog, I’m going to make me another plate; I’ll add Parmesan cheesethis time.

Very active today, not as much as yesterday. You respond when you hear your dad speaking now. Normally you would sit still. I wonder if you’re sick ofHouse and Family Guy sense that’s all I watch, day in and day out. I hope not,House MD is a great show and Family Guy is hilarious. Both of which I will not allow you to watch at a young age.

It’s odd now how my prenatal vitamins started making me sick around the 25th or on the 25th week of my pregnancy. Before I was able to take them without having to eat first, but now that’s not the case. Well whatever makes you happy I guess.

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Out and About

Me andAdam was out and about today. We went to go see your great grandmother and my cat Jojo. It’s sad I can’t have him with me. I miss him so and I can tell he misses me; he ran right up to me andmeowed for me to scratch his head. I really would like to get Jojo, my big brother terrorizes him; shaking him and roughly rubbing his head like he’s a German Shepard or something.

Saw my Sister and brother [your Aunt and Uncle] today. They seemed alright I guess. My brother seemed more happy with life than my little sister did. Don’t know what my sister could be so miserable about. If anything, I’m the one that should be pulling my hair out.

I’ll be 26 weeks  in two days and that means it’s time for Lamaze classes and a tour around University Hospital‘s Rainbow Babies & Children’s maternity ward. That should be fun, hopefully your father could be there with us.

As usual, right when I get comfortable or getting ready to eat, you’re doing your cart wheels and flips. Everyday, they seem to get stronger and stronger. Is it weird that I look forward to that everyday? It makes me smile and it lets me know that you’re ok in there. Hopefully by now you can recognize my voice and your fathers; you seem to. Every time your father speaks, you stop moving; even when he touches my stomach sometimes. It’s weird but cute. How can you be so shy around your dad and not me? I can tell we’re going to be best friends.

Well today was good, I was in a good mood. Even the people on the bus didn’t upset me when they bumped into my arm or stepped on my foot without saying “excuse me”. You’re going to be so well mannered, I can’t allow you to be as rude as a lot of people are. Anyway, it’s already well established that you’re an early bird as well as an night owl. Telling me when you’re ready for bed and letting me know when it’s time to get up. All that’s going to change sir. You’re not going to like it but you’ll understand when you get older.