Republican State Senator Wants Single Parenthood Labeled as Child Abuse

Glenn Grothmann, a GOP state senator in Wisconsin, is proposing a bill that would label being a single parent as a contributing factor to child abuse. Ever notice how it’s men who come up with these asinine laws? Their may be studies that show the rate of child abuse to be higher in single parent homes than others but so what? Let me just say this: the president was raised in a single parent home.

There are many reasons why women choose to raise their child alone. Let’s start off with my reason. My soon to be ex-husband left my son alone for 20 minutes and left the door unlocked. To keep CPS out of my life and my son safe, I kicked his ass to the curb and would do it again. Other reasons such as,domestic abusedrug abusealcohol abuse, unemployment, neglect, poverty; the list goes on.

48.982 (2) (g) 2. Promote statewide educational and public awareness campaigns and materials for the purpose of developing public awareness of the problems of child abuse and neglect. In promoting those campaigns and materials, the board shall emphasize non-marital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.

I’ve been a single parent for 11 days now and there are no signs of abuse going on. My son is very happy and he doesn’t even notice that his dad is gone — simply because his dad didn’t spend too much time with him, video games were more important as well as few other things. I couldn’t be happier, my son couldn’t be happier so what’s the problem? Why should I be labeled as a child abuser because I chose to keep my son out of the system and out of harms way? What about the women who had no choice but to be a single parent because the dad (or mother) walked away? What about the women and men who have spouses in the military? Are they child abusers too? Two parents may be ideal but this guy lives in la-la land if he thinks every parenting situation is either black or white. Where are all the legislative bills that speak out against all the other stated contributing factors of child abuse, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, etc.? How about making criminals responsible for their abuse, not targeting single parents.

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