The Big Man Tub

My son has always been big. When he got his first bath tub at 2 months he was a couple months away too big for his tub. The most months for this tub is 6 months. He was too big for it at 4 months. With his new found glory in the world of using his feet. He really couldn’t move them like he wanted to within the confinement of the infant tub. Well although those facts were presented to me I still used it. What kept me using it was partly because I was in denial. He’s 7 months now. Where has the time gone? Where is it going? The bath tub in the sink time days are over. It’s time to move onto the big man’s tub. Well this is how it went:

I make his water and then proceed to pick him up and carry him to the bedroom to take his clothes and diaper off. He’s used to this routine by now and he knows what’s coming. He starts kicking his feet (or riding his bike I should say) in excitement. He knows mommy is about to play with him. Well, not really. I make my way to the bathroom with my munchkin in tow and puthim in the tub. He’s lost and confused and isn’t sure what to do now. He’s not sure if he want to splash or just look at water swirl around his hand. He looks up at me, I look down at him and smile. He wants reassurance that it’s OK. Why I don’t know. He’s still not too sure about this new contraption that is the tub. Mind you, before I stopped using his infant tub, I would put him in that tub with that tub sitting in the real tub. So it shouldn’t be unfamiliar to him. The unfamiliarity I guess would be that he can actually sit up and look around. I scrub and sing the bathtub song to him. After all my poor singing and scrubbing, I go to pick him up and he gets excited. Well, you didn’t have to spell it out to me that he didn’t like that experience all too well.

I wasn’t sure how he was going to take being in a bigger tub. Nor was I sure when it was time to introduce the bigger tub to him. It’s something he’s going to have to adjust to, that and the fact that mommy has to wash his little face. He freaks out like I’m killing him when I take a rag and gently scrub his face. He goes bananas when I was his hair. Poor sweetie. Mommy loves you!

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