Restless Leg Syndrome and Charley Horses

For the first time in my life and definitely the first time in my pregnancy history, I experienced the worst Charley horse ever. Screaming out of a sleep 30 minutes after having to put my restless 3-year-old back to bed in the middle of the night was not cool. My sleeping patterns are out of whack in the first place in the first place. I have a lot of restless nights where I wake up 3 hours after laying down and end up being up for the rest of the night. Top that off with pregnancy RLS and you can see how adding Charley horses into the mix could make someone frustrated.

It occurred in both legs – the Charley horse – at the same time. My first reaction was to stand up and walk, but for some reason I was too afraid to stand. My fiancé woke up immediately freaking out that it was the baby. It was until 2 minutes had passed before I could reassure him that it wasn’t Maya, both of my legs were in attack mode. I couldn’t form words, all I could do was scream at my calves. There was a hint of frustration in my screams as I howled and grind my teeth to keep from waking my son up. I’m sure someone below me thought I was being murdered; didn’t help that the windows were open in my bedroom either. None of that I was thinking about, I just wanted the pain to stop. All I could say to my fiancé was “Tommy – Tommy, it hurts!” The pain finally subsided after he had me lay down and told me to straighten out my legs. He had to be up early in the morning and I’m sure it was close to that time for him to get up, I apologized. For the rest of the night I was afraid to move my legs, but I couldn’t help but move them because of the tingly sensation that caused me to move them arose. All I could think was “Fuck me running, not again!”

Well, it’s 10:00 in the morning and my calves are freaking sore. They’re sore like I’ve worked out and my sciatica isn’t helping it. Walking was painful already as it was and now I have sore calves to boot. I’m starting to think all of this is happening to me being on my feet throughout the day. I was cooking and cleaning for most of the day and chasing my son around. Maybe I should just take it easy for a couple of days. I’ll be sure to mention all of this to my doctor on the 9th.