This Pregnancy is Definitely Different

I should have known this wasn’t going to be an easy pregnancy when the morning sickness was worse this time around than the last. The constant feeling of needing to vomit but never do was annoying.

Last pregnancy:

  • Horrible morning sickness – couldn’t eat for weeks.
  • Stress levels were much greater. Suicide/regretting being pregnant and fighting against having an abortion weighed heavily on my mind.
  • Sciatica was manageable.
  • Restless leg syndrome was random but rare.
  • Getting married felt like a chore and more of an obligation for my unborn child than me actually wanting to be with the person I married.
  • Didn’t experience Braxton hicks contractions.
  • No menstrual-like cramping.
  • Huge belly, couldn’t see my feet at 30 weeks.
  • No lower back pain.
  • Few instances where there was any pelvic pain or pressure.
  • Could still walk 3-4 miles a day while pregnant.
  • No Charlie horses.
  • Had a down syndrome scare. Doctors saw abnormalities in my blood.
  • Father didn’t show up for the doctor’s appointments, especially the one where they had to sit down with me and discuss both sides of the family’s bloodline and if there were anyone with cancer, down syndrome, etc.
  • Got kicked out of home at 7-months – twice. Once from blood family and second from baby’s father.

This pregnancy:

  • Pregnancy was planned.
  • Stress levels were nowhere near to what they were last pregnancy.
  • Everything in my being wants to marry the father of my child and spend the rest of my life with him.
  • I got to take part in naming my child instead of being guilt-tripped into naming the child what the father wanted the name to be.
  • Left my grandmother’s home for good.
  • Sciatica almost disable me to a vegetable everyday. I can barely walk most days, there’s no relief other than waiting it out.
  • Restless leg syndrome is every night – have to put my left arm to sleep to get it to stop.
  • Speaking of sleepy arms: My right arm fell asleep two days ago and has never fully woken up. My pinky on that arm is still feel numb and when I touch it, the sensation feels funny.
  • Morning sickness came back in third trimester.
  • Maya is kicking me extra hard and causes soreness and pain everyday. Her kicks have been strong since 18 weeks.
  • Breasts are much bigger and I’m sure the milk hasn’t developed yet.
  • More confident in breastfeeding and hopefully I’ll produce more this time around. I have a better support system.
  • Actually feel the Braxton Hicks contractions this second time around. They’re very uncomfortable.
  • Experiencing a hell of a lot more menstrual-like cramping. Didn’t feel it at all with my last pregnancy.
  • No lower back pain.
  • Can still see my feet at 31+2 weeks.
  • Cannot walk for very long lengths of time. Consequences and repercussions were paid in full the following morning.
  • A hell of a lot of Charlie horses.
  • Extreme amount of discharge.
  • Sexual libido actually came back. Probably had a lot with being attracted and in love with the person I’m with.
  • Fiance is taking part in the pregnancy by supporting me, helping me, being there for me and show up to doctor’s appointments.

So yea…even though I’m in more pain, I’m much happier and my child is happy. I just hope I’ll be able to start my EMT classes in the Spring of next year.



My Birth Plan

I made a birth plan for my last pregnancy and it totally didn’t go as planned – not even in the slightest. I’m entertaining a birth plan again this time. Luckily, the hospital I’m hoping to have my child at – if I make it there – has a nifty birth plan form on their website. Here it is:


There are some other things that I would like that they didn’t have an option for:

  • I’m breastfeeding so I want to be able to have to baby latch without pain and try different breastfeeding positions.
  • I want to be able to nurse often and know that Maya is nursing well.
  • Meet with a lactation consultant.
  • Keep my baby with me in my room.
  • I do not want my child to have a pacifier or bottle.

Most of all, I would like a healthy pregnancy. So far minus the contractions, I’ve had just that.

An Open Letter to Tommy

Hey you, I just wanted to give you a heads up on how I handle my labor pains, certain situations and preparations; based on how I dealt with them with munchkin and other people. These events will be based on pregnancy, and pain, and life. I’m going to try not to make this long or complicated because in the heat of things, who’s going to remember this?

  • I am more calmer and less likely to get angry when I am in pain. My mind won’t allow me to snap at the person that’s trying to help me.
  • I do not like sitting down when I’m in pain – same goes for when I’m sick. I have to get up and move around.
  • There will be occasions where I will want to squeeze you. I mean in a since of hugging your torso while I moan in pain.
  • I will make myself vomit. Not purposely. The pain and my reaction to the pain usually ends up with me vomiting so look out for that. I usually give a warning.
  • I am okay. Do not worry if it’s been 3 hours and I still haven’t sat down. The pain in my feet is not as bad as labor pains, believe me.
  • When we’re at the hospital, feel free to ask me all the questions you need to ask me. I won’t be upset. I will be distracted though especially if they have me sign paperwork that should have been signed when I pre-registered.
  • Feel free to make me laugh, I need it. I need the endorphins running through my brain. I would love the distraction.
  • I will expect you to be my coach, especially when they start mentioning needles. My fear of them heightens once I’m laying in the hospital bed and they’re going for my hand instead of my arm. They always get me in that big, fat, juicy vein in my left-hand, too. I’m going to need you in front of me making me make eye-contact with you keeping me calm if or when they have to give me an epidural.
  • There will be a lot of things I will not have to explain to you or tell you, but again, feel free to ask me.
  • If I have to be induced – which is most likely, keep yourself entertained because the last time I was induced, I went to sleep for 4 hours.
  • I didn’t allow certain people to visit me while I was in the hospital or after I took baby home. There are people I do not want to see. You already know who those people are and I’m sure you’ll agree.
  • Once they stitch me up, make me get up and walk. I made myself get up and walk even after I could still feel the effects of the epidural. It felt funny, but it felt better to get out of the bed. The doctor recommends it.
  • This is my second pregnancy, labor will probably be quick if everything is okay. Pregnancies are different each time so be open to change.
  • Drill the doctors, nurses, midwives, anesthesiologists. Be my eyes when I can’t see what they’re doing. Be my mind when I’m not quick enough to ask certain questions, or I’m out of it. You are Maya’s parent, too and it’s your right to ask questions and get answers.

A Trip to the Hospital

Who knew round ligament pain can become so painful and come in different types of pain? I didn’t and this is my second successful pregnancy.

I went to the hospital yesterday in agonizing pain. It wasn’t a stretching, stabbing pain. It was a throbbing, pain right under my stomach. I thought there was something wrong after finding out doing everything under the sun to relieve the pain was making it worse.

I tried using a warm rag at the pain site. I tried sitting, standing, walking, massaging, drinking cold water so Maya would move -it felt like she was sitting on something. Nothing was working. The pain gradually got worse and worse from yesterday. At one point it was stopping me in my tracks and I couldn’t move.

I didn’t experience such a pain with my son so I was a bit baffled. So I wash myself up and I went to the hospital. First let me just say that I’m GLAD I decided to have my child at Akron City Hospital and not Akron General. Those people behind the desk were nasty to me for no reason. Even the woman who had to roll me up from emergency to the maternity triage had a funky attitude. I did not feel welcome here. The males were worse than the women; don’t met get started on the resident nurse for that evening. I wanted to smack him.

Anyway, one of the only kind nurses came to tell me that after taking my now cold piss the other nurses looked at in the specimen cup like it was the plague and refused to take to go get tested said that I didn’t have any UTI’s and that the baby is fine. It was just a lot of round ligament pain. She told me to come back if the pain worsens and yadda, yadda, yadda, ya.

She gave me a 12oz cup of ice water after finding out that I was walking. I couldn’t afford cab fare, bus fare or gas money to come pick me up. At this time, I’m still in pain so you know that walk home was fun.

Me and the baby are fine and I’m sure the worst is yet to come.