Painful Menstrual-like Cramps Again

Well, this evening, a little bit after my fiance left for work I had the worst menstrual-like cramps in the world. I called up my insurance 24-hour nurse line and they told me to go to the hospital because it sound like pre-term labor. The cramps started and would last 5-10 minutes and then fade, but never go away. I was feeling pressure and the pain traveled to my back. I was sweating, but no fever. I was also sick to my stomach and felt like I needed to vomit. Maya, stopped moving while all this was happening; while I was on the phone with the nurse. Moving around didn’t work, sitting still didn’t work and my son poking me in my stomach didn’t help. I didn’t have a fever and I didn’t have spotting or fluids leaking. I ended up having another huge one while on the phone with the nurse and she timed it from the last one I had and that’s when she told me that I should go to the hospital.

I didn’t go.

I felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I couldn’t call anyone to pick me up, I couldn’t walk to the hospital. The hospital I go to is in Akron, I’m in Twinsburg. I simply told myself if it got worse and I could barely think straight then I would call 911. The cramping stayed for another 30 minutes after I decided to get up and make me and my son dinner. I just kept saying “If I can make it through fixing dinner, I’m fine”. Soon after I was finished and sat down, Maya started moving and the pain subsided. I have a doctor’s appointment coming up soon and I’ll definitely talk to them about this.

You’d think since I have a child already, I’d know what to do. Well, that’s not the case. With my son I didn’t have contractions, I didn’t notice the Braxton hicks even. I went that entire pregnancy feeling absolutely nothing until I started getting extreme back pain on one side. Even then he wasn’t ready to come out, they had to induce me. Well every pregnancy is different. This one happens to be worse.

Mild, Uncomfortable Cramping: Could It Be Braxton Hicks?

I’m so confused this time around because with my first one I didn’t have them like at all. I didn’t even have contractions – or so I thought – the side of my back just hurt like hell in that one spot no matter what I did.

This time around I’m getting period-like cramping every day. I was trying to find what it could be online and a lot of women are saying two things: They could be contractions or they could be braxton hicks contractions┬ábut those aren’t painful; they just feel tight and uncomfortable. I haven’t felt any discomfort without the cramping, I’m not experiencing any tightness, either. I’m planning on discussing this with my doctor at my next appointment.

Sometimes the cramping can get pretty painful where I’d have to stop what I’m doing and try and switch positions or stand up and walk around, but none of that is working. I try drinking water and that doesn’t work either. I’m not getting any back pain with the cramps, the cramps just hurt like hell and the pain lasts from 2 – 5 minutes every time.

I know one thing, my little bun stays right at the bottom majority of the time and maybe that could be whats causing it.