I Don’t Warm My Baby’s Bottles

Why? Because its ridiculous. Hear me out, it’s not as bad as you think.

I did a Google search on why baby bottles need to be warm before given to a baby and I came up with a lot of ‘how’ results instead of ‘why’ results. I know how to warm up a bottle for my son, that’s not the problem. The problem is why does my grandmother and mother-in-law find warming up a bottle a key step for a baby? “You better warm up that bottle, he can’t drink milk cold!” Since when? What’s wrong with giving my baby a cold one? He seems absolutely fine. Anyway, I furthered my search and found (finally) an article that answered my question:

Many new parents believe the common misconception that a baby’s bottle should always be heated. In actuality, there is no medical reason to heat bottles before serving them. Some infants may prefer warm bottles, but most will happily accept a lukewarm or cold bottle. –Source

So there you have it, it’s simply based on preference. If your baby likes it cold, fine, if he likes warm, fine. The baby bottle temperature police will not come bashing through your doors and crashing through your windows if you give your son a cold bottle. I’m not sure about in-laws though.

I stopped warming my son’s bottles when he turned 6 months. I didn’t stop warming my baby’s bottles from sheer laziness, I simply didn’t see a reason why they needed to be warmed. When I found out that he didn’t care about the temperature of his bottle and showed no signs of “stomach issues” from drinking a cold one straight out of the fridge, I was relieved and so was he. He doesn’t care what temperature it is as long as it’s in his mouth and going down his adorable throat. The warming process always had my son watching me in disappointment: “What are you doing woman!? Just give me the milk! I’ll drink it out of your hand if I have to!” He would become so enraged and impatient and I would become frustrated and reluctant to stop this redundant ritual so my son could stop giving me the evil eye.

Warming a bottle won’t give you brownie points from the formula or breast milk fairy, your baby won’t turn into a gremlin if you give them a cold bottle — especially after midnight, your relatives might want to snatch your baby from you because of their ancient beliefs but, you can deal with that right?

The next step is getting him to drink water. He absolutely hates it. I’m not sure about adding Karo Syrup to the water to “give it color” but something has to give here. My little man refuses to drink water. After a few sips, he holds the bottle in the air, observers the bottle, puts the bottle back in his mouth, repeats step 1 and 2, looks at me like I’m crazy and starts to cry. Water is flavorless and he knows it. He wants flavor and who could blame him? When it’s nice and cold, he doesn’t realize he’s been bamboozled until 4 ounces later which I find to be hilarious.

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