All Babies Are Born Light-skinned – What?!

I was browsing Mommy-ish and came across this article about Beyoncé‘s pregnancy and birth being fake (even I sort of kind of believed she had a surrogate) and ventured down to the comments. One of the commenters made such a disgusting and asinine statement that all Black babies are born “light-skinned”. I wish I could send her an e-mail asking her what planet did she come from? I raised my siblings and one of my sisters are much darker than I. She was born that complexion. To say that if you’re of Brazilian or Caribbeanbackgrounds especially – you will always come out light-skinned. Unless she’s god, I don’t see how she knew for sure that all babies are born light-skinned.

I’m making this an issue because of how naïve people are. Not all babies are born light-skinned, some are just born with the color they will be, more often than not, very dark-skinned babies already have their color or level ofMelanin. While a baby may seem light-skinned,  usually within the first six month the Melanin begins to darken the skin to the tone it will be for a long time.

If you want proof of dark-skinned babies, watch a mother give birth to  one on one of those birth shows on TLC

Yes, I’m infuriated. It’s that kind of mindset that keeps us mad (and being total hypocrites) when someone of a different race calls us the same word that most black people use (nigga). Stop the foolishness.

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