Never Again…

Something told me not to step foot back into Akron City’s Women’s Health Center, something told me when I had that first complaint to get my ducks in a row and go somewhere else. If I was reconsidering going back to that place, that reconsideration is long gone. I went to this last appointment because it was already scheduled and I’m getting too close to my due date  that I fear no one else will take me; that and they happened to switch nurse practitioners for me. Well I ended up cancelling that appointment while I was there. Here’s why:

I arrived at my appointment a little early because my cab driver is always on time and he usually gets me there pretty early. In the past I would go in, sign in and sit down. Only once have I gotten there and they actually taken me back early. Other times, they tell me to get a urine sample and that they’ll take me back early. I’m never concerned about whether I get seen early or not. I just get there when I get there – which happens to be early. Today was different. I get there early at 8:43 am, I sign in, the woman at the desk calls my name to come back up so she can get my name and insurance card. Asks me when I’ll be due and then tells me that this hospital will no longer be taking CareSource after November. That pissed me off, why I don’t know, after today I won’t be back here. Anyway, there was no issue with me signing in so early, she didn’t mention how early I signed in and how it would be a problem when she asked me when my appointment was.

I go and do my business in the bathroom with the urine sample and stick in the door they have in  the bathroom and sit down. Time and time roll by and it’s 9:30, then 9:41, then 9:53. I realized it’s been 20 minutes after my appointment – like the sign says – so I head up to the desk. She didn’t even have to ask me why I was standing there, she didn’t let me get a word out. She looks at me and says. “You haven’t been seen yet?” I tell her no and she then says. “What’s your name again?” I tell her my name and she do a little clicking at the computer and then asks me what time my appointment was, I tell her 9:30. She clicks away and someone walks up and then walks away and before they can get earshot away from her, she asks them, “What’s RTR?” Neither one of them knows. I don’t find that surprising at all. It looks like that’s the slogan for Summa Hospital: “Get your care here, but don’t ask any questions because we don’t know!” She then tells me that someone was ahead of you at 9:15. Well that’s fine, my appointment wasn’t until 9:30. I ask her well, “it’s 9:53, what’s taking them so long?” She get’s defensive and annoyed and says, “I DON’T KNOW I’M JUST READING WHAT IT SAYS!” Okay, I tell her to just cancel the appointment. That’s when she tells me that I shouldn’t have signed in early. She then tells me that you shouldn’t have sign in early because we don’t take people in early. I had to KINDLY remind her that I knew that and wasn’t expecting to be called in early, even though the waiting room was practically empty when I got there, took a piss test and sat down. It was past my initial appointment time by over 20 minutes, what does me signing in early have to do with anything?

So, I was penalized for signing in early. All the signs on that window at that desk and there wasn’t one up there that said I could not sign in early. Okay. Not once did she tell me to wait to sign in if you’re early so you don’t get overlooked or not called on. The women’s health center in Akron on 75 Arch St. has to be the most incompetent doctor’s office I’ve ever had an experience with. I would rather have my child on the side of the road before I go back there. Trust me, I won’t be going back there and I won’t have anything nice to say to anyone who ask me where they should go for women care either. Avoid that place like the plague. Especially if you make a prior complaint, because then they just take it out on you.

32 weeks pregnant and I have to deal with this nonsense?


I May Have To Switch Hospitals | Nurse Practitioners At Akron City Hospital Are The Worse

Let’s just say not all of the nurse practitioners are bad, but between getting switched to another doctor without any explanation to why to my recent appointment, I’m saddened, frustrated, and disgusted.

At my recent appointment, I felt more like a number than a patient. The doctor I had (we’ll just call her MK – those are her initials) was very rude and couldn’t answer most of my questions; questions she should be familiar with. She didn’t even know that RLS means Restless Leg Syndrome and that some women get it during pregnancy. I had it during my last pregnancy and it went away soon after I had my son. I had to educate her on the matter. After I mentioned the RLS and  how I have to put my arm to sleep to make it stop she just told me she has no clue what to do about that and to talk to someone else about it. The other responses to my questions were “I don’t know” or “You’re wrong, that’s not pregnancy”. When MK wasn’t cutting me short, she was being rude and dismissing my concerns to the questions that she could answer. She couldn’t even be thorough with the information she did give me. She just handed me my papers and was on her way. Neglected to even prescribed me the constipation medicine I needed. She was so ready to leave out of the room, I just let her go. It wasn’t worth the oxygen I’d need to express my frustrations with her. When talking about my concerns she didn’t engage beyond what I was saying, she just cut me off at times and wouldn’t allow me to explain. I felt rushed and tuned out.

MK didn’t care that I had pain all over and that I could barely walk due to the pain. When I told her there’s blood in my stool along with the constipation she prescribes me a powdery substance you put in water – that was to handle my constipation.. I never got that script. Again, I was too frustrated with her responses to go in further with my other questions and concerns such as the times where I’m in a resting position, IE: sitting down in a chair, I lose my breath and it feels like someone is sitting on my chest. I wanted to cry! I know, I know, I’m pregnant and people would excuse my feelings due to hormones, but this wasn’t hormones. She was being rude, impatient, and unnecessary standoff-ish to my questions and concerns.  I was already close to tears due to how much pain I was already in and how walking was such a task I was close to being in a wheelchair. I wanted to talk about induction on my due date, but she would have probably gotten much ruder. I don’t need that kind of rudeness right now as bad as I was feeling.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant – due date 12/13/14. I shouldn’t have to go through this so late in my pregnancy – or early in ANY pregnancy. I don’t know if I should or can file a complaint against that nurse, I think I should just start going to a different doctor since I have that option. Maybe I should just go to Akron Children’s Hospital and see how they fair; hell, I’m fine with going back up to Rainbow Babies & Children’s hospital in Cleveland and have my daughter there if I could get there; I loved that hospital. Anything is better than the amount of disrespect and care I received at my last appointment.

The more I think about it, the worst I feel about how I was treated. I will be calling Akron City / Summa Hospital / Summa Physicians / Women’s Health Center first thing in the morning to let them know that I’m transferring my care to another hospital. Are all Summa Hospitals like this? I hope not.

I also don’t appreciate not being made clear about the students that pop up at random to my appointments. I wasn’t made aware of it and I can’t find it in any of the agreements they made me sign. I don’t appreciate being told that this student will be in on the appointment with me without giving me an option to opt out of that kind of care. Being worked on by a student and having them poke me and measure me so they can get an idea on how-to do it wouldn’t have been a problem if I would have been given a warning. Another thing that RB&C seems to do correctly. No one is forcing me to go to AC so I won’t be. I’ll go somewhere else and hopefully the doctors don’t treat me like crap. Where if you ask if could they change the channel from the FOX NEWS channel, they don’t roll their eyes and tell you no in such a manner you would think I’d asked them if I could have their first-born.