“No one graduates high school with a diaper on, they will go when they’re ready.”

I do know that my son will be late attending school. His potty-training hasn’t improved and it’s starting to really frustrate me. Nothing is working. Maybe I’m stressing about the fact that he won’t be in school any time soon. Hell, I can’t even take him to daycare, either. His speech delay is slowly disappearing, but at a snails pace. The only thing he’s hit right on the head for his age is the mine phase and the tornado tantrums.

When he was 2 and before he was taken from me by his dad and was kept from me up in Cleveland for months on end, my son was excited to use to potty, he was ready, he wanted to go. Now, we [my fiance and I] have to tell him to go use the potty. On rare occasion would he run – while holding his butt – and use the potty. 

We tried pull-ups and diapers and that didn’t work. It didn’t matter what was on his butt, he felt safe enough to go in it. Now we’re on the naked method and now when he’s angry at us, he goes into his room and urinate and or dedicates. When we first started the experiment he got it right away, he’d do 1 and 2 in the toilet and he was proud of himself as so was my fiance and I. Now, we are back at square one. He has to be reminded to go to the potty and he absolutely hates it. 

People tell me that he’ll get it when he’s ready. How far along should I wait till he’s ready, 5 years of age? No. Hell no!