My Baby is Sick | My Son Bought Home The Ick

My three-year-old son came back from being with his relatives up in Cleveland with the ick. Now, Maya and I are sick. Maya sounds like she has something rattling in her face every time she breathes. It’s nerve-wrecking hearing her sound like that. It breaks my heart. mayama

I didn’t get an apology from the father, he knew he was bringing him back with a cold. If walls could talk…

I’m so worried about my little mama because she’s having a hard time breast-feeding; she can barely breathe out of her nose. She hates when I have to get the bulb and suck all the snot and boogers out and I hate that I have to do it.

She had a fever and it finally broke. I just hope it doesn’t get any worse. I’d hate to have to take her in this frigid cold to the hospital. With no car and limited bus travel (bus only run on weekdays every 3 or so hours and stops at 5 pm) that would be a nightmare.

All I can do is cuddle her and get us through this together. My cold is gradually getting worse but I can deal with it. I just hope Maya can, too.

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