You’re a Month-old Today!

mayama Oh my little mama, time sure has flown! I love you so much, Mama. Yes, that’s what I call you, it just stuck when I first seen your face a month ago.

You’re getting bigger and stronger everyday and that makes your father and I so very happy. We can’t wait till you’re laughing and interacting with us more. Right now, you’re just sleeping a lot – and eating.

Still have day and night mixed up, but that’s fine. When you are awake you’re nursing and then you pass out just to wake up 5 minutes later to finish where you started. You’re like an old woman sometimes.

You had a doctor’s appointment a couple weeks ago and they were worried about your weight. You weren’t at your birth weight yet. I talked to WIC and they told me not to worry because breastfed babies gain weight differently.

As long as you’re healthy and not losing a dangerous amount of weight, you’re fine in my book. Your spit-up, though has me a bit concerned. I don’t know if it’s reflux or you’re simply eating too much. It bothers me because of how much it is. I know your stomach isn’t that big and some of the milk that comes is undigested yet, it still looks like the milk from my breast.

It could also be something I’m eating, I’ve done a bit of research and I’m still waiting on the pediatrician to get back with me on that.

Anyway, you’re happy, I’m happy, your dad is happy, so everything is fine.

I love you, Mama.

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