Before The Baby Comes | My To-do List

I haven’t exactly been nesting. This burst of energy most moms get around the 36th-39th week of pregnancy I may mayasfacenever get, which is fine. There’s so much I still need to do before baby gets here. I may have more time than I realize, I may not.

[ ] Buy Maya’s Bouncer.

[ ] Buy more diapers.

[ ] Clean out the refrigerator.

[ ] Find recipes for freezer dinners.

[ ] Get printer paper.

[ ] Print out Birth Plan.

[ ] Print out breast pump prescription application.

[ ] Pack hospital bag.

[ ] Pay bills to keep them up-to-date.

[ ] Find a pediatrician for Maya and Adam.

[ ] Deep clean the kitchen.

[ ] Get November’s WIC at least.

[ ] Stock up on healthy snacks and foods.

[ ] Talk to Tommy about Birth Plan and who can and can’t visit us at the hospital.

[ ] Put money aside for crib mattress.

[ ] Buy sheets for said crib mattress.

[ ] Wash all the clothes, blankets and bed sheets.

[ ] Find furniture.

[ ] Have Maya.

[ ] Get signed up for HEAP/PIPP.

[ ] Have a plan on when Tommy and I will be getting married since it won’t be until I get myself in order.

Things I did managed to do so far:

[x] Put together Bassinet – that’s been put together since August. 🙂

[x] Buy and install new screen for laptop. This will be my lifesaver at the hospital.

[x] Sort out Maya’s clothes. Put diapers and wipes away.

[x] Packed Maya’s bag.

[x] Make a list of Xmas presents for son.


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