I Can Safely Say That My Son is Finally Potty-Trained

I frowned upon the let him flop around with nothing on for a while, but seeing as nothing else was working I had to give the bare butt method a try. It look like it stuck. He’s out of diapers for the most part and yesterday night we decided to see how he fare without a diaper on at night. We quit putting diapers on him during nap time and he stayed tried then so we gave bedtime a try. He woke up dry and went to the potty. I’m so proud of him.

It was a struggle with the bare butt method at first. There were a few accidents – one involving a particular Batman car seat, but he got the hang of it after that. Recently, he’s only had a couple of accidents in his underwear but that is to be expected. I truly thought he was going to be 5-years-old and still wearing pull-ups.

Our now biggest step is getting him to start speaking more fluently. His speech delay is frustrating at times because he still talk as if he’s 8 months old. He babbles a lot and at the end he actually says what he want. I think his sentence structure is the cause of that. I should also mention he’s becoming quite defiant and have to question – as well as test – everything I say and do. It looks as if it’s only getting worse as my pregnancy progress.

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