33 Weeks Pregnant | Today’s Symptoms

Just yesterday and the day before I was feeling great. Maya has officially dropped into the birth canal and is no longer karate kicking me in the ribs. Even with her dropping lower, I was in less pain and was able to do some chores around the home. I felt fantastic. Today, not so much. I feel like crap. The constant cramping, sharp pains on the left side of my belly, dreadful sciatica and the painful back aches has made this a very trying day. Did I mention that I’ve gone back to being very exhausted and sleepy? It wasn’t 48 hours ago when I was full of energy and waking up before my early bird fiancé.

Another thing that I wasn’t experiencing before 32 weeks was the constant need to go to the bathroom. Now, I’m taking a piss 3-4 times in an hour. Before I was just going every couple of hours and that’s with drinking gallons of water. I’m now getting up every night at least three times to go to the bathroom and I’ve stopped my fluid consumption way before bed and end up using the bathroom 2-3 times prior.

The upside? Even though I shouldn’t and even though I don’t stay on my back that long because my conscience wakes me up and tells me to roll to my side, I can fucking lay on my back and actually be damned comfortable. I’ve missed that. I’ll be glad when I can sleep on my tummy again.

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