I Keep Dying In My Dreams

They all say pregnancy dreams are weird and that they’re more vivid and pronounced. Well, mine are – when and if I remember them – are about death. I moved in to my apartment in August and I’ve had two dreams about dying.

Someone how, in the first one, I electrocute myself in the kitchen and I walk around the island/counter and head into the living-room area and I fall down and die. In the second one, I’m getting out of bed but everything is very hazy. It was like I had tunnel vision. This one is a bit weird. I’m walking out of the bedroom and I can barely stand up. I make it to the bathroom door and I fall and push it open. I end up dying on my fiance’s lap while he’s sitting on the toilet.

In both dreams, I’m pregnant. In both dreams my fiancé is in another room and doesn’t see the events prior to me dying. In both dreams, my son is no where around. In both dreams I fall down and die. The only difference in this last one is that I could actually feel – or it was a weird sensation – myself as if I was passing away. It felt like my life was leaving my body. It was really weird and I think that feeling is going to stay with me.

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