A Trip to the Hospital

Who knew round ligament pain can become so painful and come in different types of pain? I didn’t and this is my second successful pregnancy.

I went to the hospital yesterday in agonizing pain. It wasn’t a stretching, stabbing pain. It was a throbbing, pain right under my stomach. I thought there was something wrong after finding out doing everything under the sun to relieve the pain was making it worse.

I tried using a warm rag at the pain site. I tried sitting, standing, walking, massaging, drinking cold water so Maya would move -it felt like she was sitting on something. Nothing was working. The pain gradually got worse and worse from yesterday. At one point it was stopping me in my tracks and I couldn’t move.

I didn’t experience such a pain with my son so I was a bit baffled. So I wash myself up and I went to the hospital. First let me just say that I’m GLAD I decided to have my child at Akron City Hospital and not Akron General. Those people behind the desk were nasty to me for no reason. Even the woman who had to roll me up from emergency to the maternity triage had a funky attitude. I did not feel welcome here. The males were worse than the women; don’t met get started on the resident nurse for that evening. I wanted to smack him.

Anyway, one of the only kind nurses came to tell me that after taking my now cold piss the other nurses looked at in the specimen cup like it was the plague and refused to take to go get tested said that I didn’t have any UTI’s and that the baby is fine. It was just a lot of round ligament pain. She told me to come back if the pain worsens and yadda, yadda, yadda, ya.

She gave me a 12oz cup of ice water after finding out that I was walking. I couldn’t afford cab fare, bus fare or gas money to come pick me up. At this time, I’m still in pain so you know that walk home was fun.

Me and the baby are fine and I’m sure the worst is yet to come.

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