The Most Annoying Things My Son Does

Raising a child isn’t always buckets of sunshine and Skittles. There are times where they can drive you nuts! Here are the things that my son does that gets under my skin:

  1. He climbs. He doesn’t climb on furniture, he doesn’t climb trees, he doesn’t climb in the toilet or tub – he climbs me. Yep, he’ll climb on me and try to sit on my head – not fun.
  2. Headbutting. He has a sense of rhythm so when the mood suits him, I’m playing music and if he’s sitting in my lap facing me, he’ll headbutt me on beat of the song. I listen to a lot of rock music so…yea, it gets pretty annoying dodging a rock solid object aiming to make you cry.
  3. Hair pulling. The hair pulling annoys me the most because he’s a strong little thing and when he grabs on, he doesn’t let go. Usually, when he release the grip he has on my hair, there’s a hand full of my hair and I’m left wondering how I have any hair left.
  4. Everything belongs in the sink. My son puts everything he owns in the sink: his stuffed animals, his cars, his clothes, etc. It’s very annoying and there’s not much I can do about it but deal with it.
  5. What’s mine belongs to him but only when I’m using it. When I’m on the computer, if I’m on the phone, if I’m putting on my shoes even, if Adam feel that he wants to play with those things, he’s going to.
  6. “Hi, there! I’m your second shadow!” Yea, like I need another one of those. What’s with children standing directly behind you without making a sound, and then when you go and turn around you have to pretty much turn into  an Olympic gymnast to jump over them or around them. My son does that and he’ll jump in your path as you’re walking just to make your heart skip a beat. Totally uncool.
  7. “I jut ate. I’m so full I look pregnant but what you’re eating looks good too. I want it!” When it’s time for mommy to eat afterfeeding her son to the point where he should explode from all of what was shoved down his gullet, she can’t because her son is obviously still hungry. Anyway, when it’s time for mommy to eat, she has to put enough on her plate for two as if she’s pregnant again. Asilee cannot have her food and enjoy it, she has to feed the black hole that is her son. I can’t help but ask him, “Where does it all go?” then follow-up by saying, “Don’t answer that”.
  8. “I’ll just use your arm to direct you to what I want, thanks” I don’t know if it’s just my son that does this but I’ve never heard of this before I had kids. My son, my very smart and mischievous son will grab me by the wrist and pull on it to direct it to what he wants if it’s out of reach. When it’s out of reach, that means he’s not supposed to have it. So, he thinks, if he uses my arm to get it, then he can have it. WRONG!
  9. The get down just to get back up game. My son love sitting on my lap but he’ll get down and in that .5 second it took him to get down he’ll scream for me to pick him back up. This goes on for as long as I allow it, which isn’t long.
  10. The crib escapee. I mind as well break down his crib into a toddler bed – hell, I mind as well pack it up because this look rascal will climb out of his crib and climb in the bed with me. He’s either out of the crib and in my bed or in the living room asleep on the floor. That’s not the annoying part, though. His version of a wake-up call is to sit on my face with an almost bursting wet diaper. Why have Folgers when you wake up?
  11. “Your pain brings me joy, mommy…” My son finds the toys that hurt the most to throw at me. When I tell him, “no, you don’t do that!” He get’s all wide-eyed as if he’s about to cry, but he doesn’t cry, he laughs. If I believed in heaven or hell, I’d be convinced my son wasSatan.
  12. My son the goofball. This is more funny than annoying. He has this thing where he makes faces at the camera, now instead of doing something cute or doing what other children do and just continue to do what they were doing and ignore the camera. He will stop whatever he was doing and make a face at the camera. “I’ll teach you! No more cute pictures will be taken of me…. dammit!”
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