Necklace Day

That’s all it took for my son to entertain himself for hours. There’s thisnecklace that goes with one of my dresses. I just so happened to wear that outfit today to work. I also just so happened to stumble upon a simple pleasure of my son’s. I’m not too big on jewelry, I’ll wear it now and again but I digress. Well, anyway, my son took my necklace from me and decided that it was his toy and no longer my necklace. He played with it for hours – ever since I brought him home from daycare.  He played with it so long all over the living room he tuckered himself out and now he’s in his bed taking a nap.

If I would have known my son would play with a necklace and not climb all over me and my computer desk for hours on end, I would have given him plenty of necklaces to play with. This unexpected experiment taught me a valuable lesson: if my son finds something safe to play with and he leaves me alone, don’t pick him up, don’t call his name and if it’s only a wet diaper, don’t bother it. Just don’t bother him. Get my school work done, blog a bit, check emails, etc. Bask in all the glory and hope tomorrow will be another necklace day.

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