Lunatic on The RTA Bus

Just another day riding the RTA.

There are loons everywhere; even those that roam around among the general pop. Let me tell you about this one crazy loon on the bus. I got on the bus and put my son in the designated area for people with strollers. There’s this woman with her toddler and 3 month old son talking on the phone (very loudly may I add) in the seats across from me. The row in front of her is the crazy loon. She hopped and hopped from seat to seat on the bus; eyeing me like crazy loons do. She didn’t say anything to me, just smiled at the baby and gave me the evil eye. Anyway, the woman that’s talking loudly on the phone, using every curse wordknown to mankind. Wait, let me just get this out the way, I’m looking all around because I observe my surroundings. So I’m listening to everybody’s conversations, movements, sneezes, coughs, EVERYTHING…Moving on…

I guess the crazy loon thought the loud woman was talking about her on the phone with whomever because she got loud. She got loud right as the bus was rolling into the last stop downtown. She called this woman so many things in so little words, then threatened to beat up because she ‘wasn’t the one’. Now, a sane person would at least notice the phone up to someone’s ear. Then they would realize that they’re obviously talking to someone on the phone. Why this crazy loon thought the loud woman was talking to her, I don’t have the foggiest, but she was pissed.

The part where I wanted to kick some sense into her ass is now. She got up and pushed the stroller with the 3-month-old baby in it; really hard. My jaw dropped and I immediately had this knee-jerk reaction to slap the taste out of this crazy bitch’s mouth. My son was with me and the cops were close-by. She got lucky. Luckily, the woman and the police tracked her down and I hope she pressed charges.

I never been so disgusted with another human being since my ex Markiss. I so wished I hadn’t picked up my son from daycare so early and I was on that bus by myself with her. My anger is because of the lack of disregard for an innocent life. I cannot even explain how angry I got and how fast I stood up to swing at her.

What even disgusted me more is people let her get all the way into a building instead of holding her ass so the mother and the police, didn’t have to track her down. They watched this whole debacle go down and it seemed like the victim and I were the only ones pissed; liked they see crazy loons every single day on the RTA.

I just want 5 minutes alone with her so I can show her who the real loon is. Wait, scratch that.

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