You’re 13 Months Today & You’re Driving Me Nuts!

They say 1 is the new 2 and it could any more truer. If you could say “No!” like you really want to, you’d tire yourself out from exhaustion. I never seen a baby fallout as much as you. What I mean is even the most tedious things ruffle your feathers. I can’t type on my keyboard without you trying to yank my hand away from it. I can’t sit you down on the floor without you screaming at the top of your lungs. If I take something from you that you aren’t supposed to have, then all hell breaks loose. Good thing I didn’t have multiples…

Anyway, you’re 13 months today and I almost forgot; well, not forgot just didn’t realize what day it was. That’s how it is these days. You barely let mommy sleep and you’re getting into everything that you think you’re big enough to get into. The days blend together when there’s nothing on the agenda. This single mom stuff is really hard but I’ll survive it. That’s what I am, a survivor and you aren’t going to drive me insane; nuts yes, insane no.

Let’s see, what have you accomplished so far besides you saying “mama” so much to where I want to change my name to Dog…or…Cat…

You’ve taken 5 steps on your own so far. Soon enough, you’ll be running and then I’ll really have to keep up with you. Hmm, what else? Oh! You’ve finally got chewing down to a science now. I think that’s great and I’m so proud of you! What’s not so great is every time it’s time for mommy to eat, you want what I have even though you just ate and your stomach sticks out so far you look pregnant. You’re not saying any words yet (unless ‘mama’ counts) and I’m in no rush for you to start.

Well, I’m looking forward to these last 6 months of the year and can’t wait to see what next year have in store for us. I just hope you haven’t shot up like a tree before you get to try on all your new outfits I’m planning on getting.



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