What Did You Call Me? Goku?!

Yes, my son called me Goku. Who would have thought my son’s first word would be Goku? Nah he didn’t intentionally call me Goku but it was funny. I was eating (oh the irony!) and he was in his play pen watching a movie I had on for him. I turned to him to say something and he smiled at me and said, “Goku”.

He wasn’t babbling, or screaming, or laughing, or squealing prior to him calling me Goku, he was just standing there watching Astro Boy. I love Dragonball Zby the way and I found it odd that my son said that out of the Gokublue. It’s odd because he only babble ma-ma, na-na, and does this funny baby-talk with his tongue hanging half-way out of his mouth. I didn’t even know he knew how to make a ‘guh’ sound before today.  Anyway, I couldn’t do nothing but laugh because it took me by surprise.

I would like to believe that Goku is his first word but it’s all coincidence because he hasn’t said it since. No, I’m not teaching my son the name of the characters from Dragonball Z. I haven’t seen Dragonball Z since 2005 and probably won’t watch it ever again; well after my son is old enough to understand that he cannot do what is being done in the anime. A level of understanding of reality needs to be established before I allow him to watch a PG rated anime. Same thing goes for video games too.

In other news, my son will be 1 this coming Thursday and I’m excited because that mean I manged to make it through one year of parenting without pulling my hair out. My son on the other hand don’t even realize what’s going on and is just happy to pull out mommy’s hair for her.

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