My Son and His Bad Day

Everyone has a bad day and today was Adam‘s bad day. It didn’t start of bad but it ended badly. Today Adam achieved a major milestone today. Finally my son has got the concept of chewing. I gave him Cheerios and put on his bib and watch him figure out why they’re on his high-chair table. After watching me eating a few of his Cheerios, he got the gist (somewhat) that the Cheerios are to be eaten, not thrown on the floor (where most of them ended up anyway). I am so proud of him and I gave him praise when he managed to put them in his mouth and actually chew on them and not gag and then throw up whatever he managed to get down.

Towards the afternoon-evening-ish, Sir Adam the Great got a bit fussy. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. He was fed, changed, I held and entertained him but nothing seemed to work. Then it dawned on me that his top teeth are cutting his gums. I slapped some baby Orajel on them puppies and he ate most of it but he was still fussy. He practically cried for the rest of the evening until he fell asleep. I didn’t like that my baby was unhappy but I had to realize that babies have bad days and I guess today was Adam’s bad day.

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