Laughing While Asleep

I went through the usual ritual I go through when putting my son to sleep for the night. It took a little longer than usual because he took a late nap but I knew he was tired because he was nodding off in my lap. Anyway, when he finally fell asleep, I did the “you better be sleep” test to see if he’s truly sleep or he’s playing me, I sit there for like 10 minutes He’s sleeping away when all of a sudden, he starts laughing. I look down and he’s asleep. I don’t know why but tears immediately started coming down my face without warning. I never heard a baby, let alone my son, giggle that long or that hard (or at all) in their sleep. It kind of threw me off guard when the tears started falling.

Babies are so innocent, all they need is attention and love. The way you treat them will show in their actions and demeanor. He I guess was so happy and content with himself at that moment, he was laughing in his sleep. I bet it was about his dad doing something goofy. I have to tickle him for him to laugh; I don’t have to do anything to make him smile though. That laugh was so adorable and innocent, I held him for another 30 minutes. When I put him in his crib finally, I was standing there waiting for it to happen again. After 15 minutes or so, I left the bedroom a little disappointed when it didn’t happen. Maybe it was just a once in a lifetime thing?

This little boy had me at my first positive pregnancy test; there was no hello needed. He keeps me on my toes and does something new everyday. My little man is growing so fast …okay, I got to go before I get tears all over my keyboard.

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