Master of Destruction and Hair Puller

You’re 11 months today! You’ve been on this earth, driving me crazy for 11 months. Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? I’m so proud of you!

To celebrate, we walked to the library and sat in the reading garden for a spell. We couldn’t stay there too long because of all the mosquitoes and other flying insects. They didn’t seem to bother you but I didn’t want you to get bit and I forgot to get you some baby bug repellent (do they even make repellent forbabies?). We then strolled downtown and saw a huge white tent in the middle ofPublic Square. The Horseshoe Casino opened up today. Forgot all about that. We hurried our tails back up to our place and finished cleaning up. You of course got into everything you thought you were grown enough to get in – after you followed me around the apartment for a while. Your gums have been bothering you all day, making you a little irritable and felt the need to chomp down on my hand on occasion. This of course made you laugh when I took my hand out of your mouth and said, “ow sweetness, dang, that hurt”.

This is after I caught him getting into stuff he wasn’t supposed to. He crawled back to me smiling like it was a game.

You’re still edging around furniture when you want to take steps. You’re very confident in trying to climb up my leg but it seems you’re not quite ready yet to start taking those first big steps. I need you to hold off on that okay? I want your dad to be the first person to see you walk.

After I finished cleaning up, we watched Finding Nemo and it kept your attention for a while. I held you for pretty much the rest of the day. You of course clicked and clacked away at my keyboard and tried to yank the mouse out of the USB port. When you weren’t doing that, you were pulling my hair. I ask why do babies insist on pulling their mother’s hair and get a devilish kick out of doing it every time you do it. It’s a wonder I don’t have bald spots in the back of my head or huge patches of really short hair.

Anyway, I fed you, bathed you and let you play in your bath water until I thought that you’ve had enough fun for one day. You were rubbing your eyes so I knew it was time for bed.

I laid you on the bed I sleep in, and laid next to you and watch you do your infamous I’m-really-sleepy-and-my-eyes-are-heavy-but-I’m-going-to-roll-around-on-the-bed-until-I-fall-asleep dance. You finally fell asleep and I kissed the space between your eyebrows and laid you in your crib. I must say dude, your arms are long and I can see why you hate sleeping in that thing, you have no room to maneuver.

Now I’m sitting here contemplating on what I’m going to wear to your grandma’s graduation this Wednesday. I’m also contemplating on whether I should do my school work now or in the morning. Mommy is really tired though and I guess it can wait until tomorrow.

Mommy loves you sweetie!

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