My Son Too Proud to Crawl

He got ninja-like reflexes when it comes to snatching mommy glasses off of her face, but he can’t crawl. He can get into the most stuff by just rolling around on the floor, but he can’t crawl.

He’ll get on all fours but, he’ll move backwards. The other thing he does is trying to stand up and walk. He’s only 9 months and I’m not sure about the statistics on how many babies walk at 9 months. The only one I know of was my big brother. I say my son is too proud to crawl because he’s smart. He saw his parents walking around using their feet while he’s limited to boring and overrated crawling. I totally understand! They say wait until he’s ready and he’ll crawl. Well I’m a part of the take your time movement but, what if he’s never ready? What if he’ll always crawl backwards or get his leg caught under himself and look at me to fix it? I praise him for the improvements he make — no doubt about that, it’s just I’m worried. They say crawling helps with their development (so I’ve heard; I need to do research on this) and I feel like he’s going to miss out if he don’t crawl. Some babies just get up one day and start walking and I guess that’s ok, but for me it’s not.

If he’s not going for my Kindle Fire, an Xbox 360/Playstation 3 controller, my phone, or anything else he shouldn’t get but normally do — he’s not going to move forward. Wait, let me retract what I said before, he’ll crawl forward, just enough where when he can lay flat on his stomach and use his arms to reach whatever it is he’s trying to get. My son is definitely too proud to crawl.

He doesn’t scoot, do the commando, or any other usual signs of crawling besides going backwards — oh, and rocking back and forth on all fours.

Since all babies are different and unique in their own way, it would be a good idea to never compare your baby with another baby. Remember some babies are perfectly fine with rolling to wherever they need to get, and don’t even have an ounce of interest in crawling. No two people are the same, and no two babies are the same (even if they do come from the same gene pool)… –Source

What gets me is when he want to move forward he gets frustrated and move backwards and I find myself feeling bad that he can’t understand why he go backwards when he want to move forward. None of the videos and techniques that I’ve tried has worked so far. Even when his beloved binky is out of reach, he’ll just look at me and cry until I get it for him. Maybe I need to put my foot down and make him get things on his own. I always get this sudden urge to come to my son’s aid when he cries.

All I can do now is have patience and take it one day at a time. Maybe he’ll crawl, maybe he won’t. I just know this baby pride of his need to come down just a tad…

Ever since his teeth start coming through, he think he can just get up and walk. The moment that happens, he’s getting a job. Just kidding…kind of.

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