Teething Babies Are Evil!

Well, at least my son is. The moment that first toothcame to the surface, my son has been so mean to me. He doesn’t seem all that irritated about his two bottom teeth coming in but he’s very choosy on what he gets into for the day.

See the evil? I do.

He wants to sit a certain way, play with certain things, look at certain objects, sleep a certain time. He wants eyes on him at all costs. If you look away he’ll fallout and start having a tantrum. My son has become an evil little rascal over the course of a few weeks. He won’t chew on histeething rings or other teething toys but my fingers, he’ll go to town on those. I’m afraid to rub his gums because I may lose a finger fooling around with him.

The only upside to all of this evil wrapped in a small package? He drools a lot less which is odd, I thought babies were suppose to drool excessively when their teeth come in. That’s how I know the dark side is taking a toll on my baby, he’s became so evil, even his drool is afraid to make an appearance.

I manage to get a hold of some Baby Orajel but I haven’t given it to him yet, even though his pediatrician gave me the okay. It’s just, it’s for children 2 years and up, my son is only 9 months, I’d rather he be evil than sick. Evil goes away a lot faster than an avoidable illness.

Think I’ll go read Love you Forever by Robert Munsch to my son and see if that softens him up a bit. If not, I’m expecting him to spit fire.

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