My Son Was Left Alone

When I came home, I was  expecting my son to be sitting in his chair looking at his dad. When I come home and enter through the door, I see my son on my bed crying his eyes out reaching out to me happy to see someone. That’s right, my soon to be ex-husband, left my son alone and for what? So he can go hang with someone in the building to play PS3, smoke and drink. How old is he you ask? He’ll be 26 this year. I can’t get that image of him crying alone for who knows how long out of my head. I sat there and timed how long it’s been since I found my son in that condition and how long it was gone before he home. 15-20 minutes went by. I managed to make 3-4 phone calls in that time. So if I didn’t come home when I did, he would have still been crying. The door was unlocked, my son was alone and all I could do is hope this was just a cruel joke — that he is just hiding somewhere just to pop out and scare me. That wasn’t the case.

Anything could have happened…my worst fear was someone calling child protective services because they hear a baby crying and he’s been crying for a while and it sounds like no one is home. These apartment walls are made oftissue paper and the neighbors can hear any and everything. I’m just glad I came home when I did. Someone that reckless with an innocent life can’t be in my life. I love my son too much to put him in danger like that. All it takes is one time. I have to the best  interest of my child first before mine or anyone else. It’s too many careless parents out there as it is, I’m not about to be one of them.

I thought leaving my son with his father would be the logical choice but I guess not. Who knows how many times he’s done this when I went out to handle something. My heart hurts for my son. I had a crack-head prostitute for a mother and she did the same thing to me. It was 10x worse but neglect is neglect and I won’t tolerate it! My son is my world and I’m supposed to protect him and that’s what I’m going to do. No matter what.

Update: I confronted my sons dad. He said he was only gone for 10 minutes (which is a lie). There is nothing more important that he couldn’t wait til I got back. You’re not supposed to put nothing or no one over an innocent child. I don’t care if my son was 3 years old, he’s not supposed to be left unattended. There is no justification for leaving my son alone. He laughed and threw a few whatever’s around like I wasn’t supposed to be mad. I had every right to be mad. Well, he’s living with his mom now, I wonder if he finds that funny.

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