“You gotta give your son a sibling!”

Says who? You? Society?

At first I was up to having another child but then I asked myself: do I really want to go back to changing diapers all over again? The answer is no.

I was told by a group of rather old women that I need to give him a sibling so he don’t be alone. Really? He’s going to be devastated that he doesn’t have a sibling? I wish I was the only child when I was growing up. My siblings drove me crazy and half of the time, I felt as if I was the only sane one out of the bunch. My mother had a brother but she wished she had a sister that she could relate to. It may seem selfish but I’m the one that have to carry that baby to term, get stitched up again, go without even less sleep at night. I don’t think I can handle another baby.

There will be times when my son will come to me asking for a sister or a brother, hopefully I will know what to tell him; hopefully he won’t hate me for it.

I was also told that I’m “mentally disfiguring him and setting him up to be a loner” by not having more than one child. The nerve right? Let me tell you, the person who told me that didn’t have a Ph.d in anything; not even sensitivity.

What’s it to anyone else what I do with my uterus? I believe in being financially stable, having more time to spend with the baby I have now, smaller homes and cars, less havoc getting him ready for school in the morning — the list goes on. It’s just so frustrating at times when people but in my life trying to tell me what I need to do to have a child grow up not resenting their parents. There will be other things my son will despise me for. Like, no dessert if he didn’t finish his vegetables, or no extra time playing his video games on the weekends; things like that.

The way my son is, he wouldn’t want another sibling anyway, he loves it when all eyes are on him. He may want another sibling when it’s time to do chores around the house though…we’ll see.

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