Their Ovaries Are 10x Their Size Over @

Let me just clear the airways here before someone try to tell me that I’m generalizing all the mothers over at

I have met at least 6 civilized, reasonable and kind mothers at Cafemom; I’m sure there’s more — well at least I hope there is. I recently stopped using because of the blatant disrespect they have for other women that uses the site. I thought the accusations and stories I’ve read about them being bitchy, menstruating 24/7, mad-at-the-world irrational beings were just rumors, but I was proved wrong when I posted in one of the group pages I joined. That group page was Love & Marriage. I’m not going to get into what I posted but it was respectful and I wasn’t lashing at anyone on the site. I was ranting about my life. It didn’t get nasty until they got nasty with me.

The point is, most of those ladies (and I use that term loosely) were sticking it to me like I just insulted their offspring. I sat there trying to understand where all the hostility came from. I came to one conclusion: they’re trolls. I joined a group hoping to reach out to other women and I get verbally criticized. They came in droves like roaches to water. All I have to say to that is, they wouldn’t say anything of what they were saying to anyone in person; the taste would get knocked out of their mouth so fast…

Anyway, even though I came to my conclusion why they attacked me but what I’m not understanding is where did it come from? Who shat in their Cheeriosthat morning? Are their lives miserable at the same time of the month as well as their menstrual cycle? Out of all the responses I gotten from that forum I posted in that group, it was only one person who didn’t join in on trying to treat me like eCrap. It’s okay. I’m fine with leaving the site, I barely used it to begin with after I had my son.

I’m a reasonable person and I don’t go and pick efights with people because of the fact they’re miles away from me — or for the sheer fun of ruffling someone’s feathers. I believe the reasoning behind their blatant lack of online etiquette comes from not knowing the person they’re verbally abusing; nor do they care. Add that to kids running around, stress-levels on the high and a menstrual cycle and you have a mother with insufficient brainpower bashing someone over the internet.

From doing a little reasearch, I found out that there are other sites that are just like Cafemom if not worse than them when it comes to be complete nuisances.

  3. (shut down)

If you know of any more, please let me know.

I can understand being bored but why start up fake drama because of it? You have children that can use all that energy you got bashing people, so put it to good use.

I had to blog about this, regardless of whoever reads this thinks. Whether it’s because they in fact think they ruffled my feathers enough to blog about it or what they said got to me etc. The fact is, there are angry moms logging in to just to troll and make someone’s visit on the site as miserable as they can. It’s quite disturbing. What they do not know is, there are certain people out there that know a few things and about computers and networks — they could have been easily hacked. I’ve grown out of that years ago but it’s the fact that people online think they’re invincible. Yea we’ll see how invincible they are when they have to take their computer to BestBuy‘s Geek Squad to get fixed.

All I know is I’d hate for women who come on there looking for advice and these same particular women come in the blog leaving their mark on the forum like how a dog leave their mark on a tree.


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