The Energizer Bunny That is My Son

For some reason today my son decided that he wanted to stay up until 12 o’clock. He would get tired and rub his eyes so I will pick him up and rock him. I didn’t realize until later that this dude was siphoning all of my energy. One minute he’s tired, the next, he isn’t. I think it also had something to do with him teething as well but at the moment, his gums didn’t look like they were bothering him: he didn’t start getting fussy until around 11:30. Well when he decided to get fussy, he was fighting his dad, he was fighting me of all people, he was fighting the Sandman — everything and everybody!  He didn’t want to be rocked, cuddled, held, sat up, laid down, put in the dark or in the light. Everything we did was making him upset. At this point I was fussy and ready to fight him. Then it hit me…his gums! I made him a bottle, gave him a dose of Children’s Tylenol and gave him his bottle. A few minutes after that he was knocked out. The energizer bunny that is my son finally put his drum away and went to sleep.

Soon after that, I went to sleep expecting him to wake up at the crack of dawn saying, “ma, ma, ma, ma” while kicking his feet in his crib. As much as I want to believe he’s already talking at 7 months, I don’t believe he understands what he’s saying. He’s only using words that don’t need teeth.

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