What Nickname Shall I Use…

I’ve given my son so many nicknames since before he left the womb. I just don’t know what to call him. Nothing seems to fit and stick. I donned myself the nickname machine because I have no clue what his nickname will be. I’ve compiled a list from the beginning up to now.

  1. Thumper – That was his nickname until he was born.
  2. Bright Eyes – I still call him bright eyes on occasion. My Aunt decided that she’ll call him bright eyes from now on.
  3. Munchkin – This one seems oh so fitting because he’s 7 months and 29½ inches long.
  4. Sweetie – This one is my favorite because to me he’s made of sugar.
  5. Sweetheart – I only call him sweetheart when he’s upset or something scared him.
  6. Little Man – Let’s just say he’s the love of my life.
  7. A.J. – His name is Adam and he’s a Jr. I’ve only called him A.J. once. When I did, my son looked at me like I was crazy so…never again.
  8. Jr. – Another one I only used once because of the looks my son gave me.
  9. Fatman – You know the original theme song to Batman? Well I substituted Batman for Fatman when I sing the song and it cracks him up.
  10. Sir Adam the Great – Because he’s my knight in shining armor.

I know I’m forgetting a few so I’ll come back and add them as soon as I remember them.


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