Smile For the Camera!

You are so photogenic at such a young age. People say you look just like me; that you have my eyes. I have to say I agree with that. We do look a lot alike. That may change as you get older though, nothing wrong with that. I just hope you don’t get too old too fast. You had a doctor’s appointment today. You had to get 4 shots, it broke my heart but it’s for your benefit. As you lay in your crib sleeping, I always wonder what you’re dreaming about. I also wonder why you wake up so early in the morning, even if you go to bed really late. I guess you’re an early bird like your mom.

The new camera (Panasonic DMC-FH27 Lumix) takes wonderful and high-quality photos. I found it refurbished and restored to factory quality onWalmart, the best $119.99 I’ve spent. I will be taking photos of you everyday — or at least try to remember to take photos of you everyday. You make me very happy and honored to be your mother.

Well, today is the last day of the year. I’m looking forward to all the years to come with you in them. Love you sweetie!

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