5 Things I Didn’t Miss Before I Had Children & Don’t Miss Now

All the baby sites have lists of things they missed before they had children. Well this one is going to be different. There are things I didn’t miss before I had a beautiful son…and don’t miss now.

Being alone. I was always alone wishing I wasn’t. Especially on those nights where I prefer having someone next to me while it was raining cats and dogs outside my window; sounding like the world is crashing around me.

Not having anything to do. Let me tell you, my life was boring before I had a baby. Now I feel like I have a purpose in life. I have someone to take care of. I have something…to do to put it frankly. I’m a busy body so after a while of doing the same old thing everyday drove me bananas.

My flat ass. I was shapeless before I had a baby. My baby gave me hips and then some. I still think that my butt is mostly flat. It’s just not as flat as it was.

My aching back. I know, you’re thinking, isn’t that backwards? No, for me it isn’t. My back used to kill me on an everyday basis before I had a child. I couldn’t bend over without yelping in pain. Now, my back don’t hurt as much. I can bend over and pick something up with ease. I guess my son kicked by back — back into shape.

Something to smile about. I was always frowned up. I never had anything to smile about; unless it was funny of course. Now, I’m always smiling and giggling. My son puts a smile on my face without even trying. It’s beautiful.

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