You’re 3-Months Today!

Yep, you’re all grown up now. Well not really but you’ve been on this planet for 3 months now. You’re getting smarter and smarter everyday. I’m going to miss these moments but I’m going to make sure I cherish them while I can. I love you so much, there are no words to explain how much. As I blog this I take a few moments to look over at you rocking away in your swing. Soon enough, you’re going to be too big to rock in it. You’re 15lbs and 24½ inches long. You’re pretty big to be only 3 months.

Well sweetie, next month you get more shots, and more measurements. When you got your tetanus shot last month, I felt so helpless because you were in pain and there was nothing I could do to ease your pain. Just know, mommy is always going to love you sweetheart. One day you’ll read this blog and hopefully you’ll understand that you’ll always have me in your corner. Always.

Love, Your #1 Fan


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