The Baby Shower

It’s going to be lovely. I simply cannot wait. I’m really happy because my grandma is able to go. My Aunt and my granny got together and made these big huge baskets full of clothes and diapers. Hopefully I get a lot of pictures taken. I’ll be 35 weeks and 3 days on the day of my shower. Hopefully the pregnancy complications I’ve had so far this week go away on my shower so I can walk and stand to take pictures. I don’t want to limp to my baby shower. It’s bad enough I don’t have too many clothes to choose from that are comfortable. Well that doesn’t matter I guess. As long as I have fun and get to see granny and be with my family is what matters. I just wish Adam was a bit more supportive. Kind of sad about that.

Well, I’ll probably update this blog with photos and such when the shower is over and all the pictures have been uploaded/developed.

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