Mom is a Scaredy Cat

Yep, I said it.

It’ll be a while before you read this and even longer to play the game that got your mom not wanting to play it alone or in the dark. The game of which I speak of is Dead Space 2. I’m not a fan of things jumping out at me or screens mysteriously cutting on when you get close to them. Give the right play environment [nighttime and alone] and I won’t even cut it on. Don’t get me wrong, I was never like this as a kid growing up. I could stare fictional monsters in the face and not even blink. I guess as I got older, I pretty much stayed away from games like that and played more racing games. Someshooting games I can play like Left 4 Dead or a simple Call of Duty game but games like Dead Space and Resident Evil? Nah, you can forget about it.

I should be ashamed right? Not! Some grown men can’t play horror games in the dark or alone. They probably haven’t even gotten any further than I have in the game. I’m still at the beginning after you get off the elevator and have to walk into this room and climb in this crawl space to get into another part of the facility. Well, when you get older I guess there will be a lot more games like this for you to play and try, until then you’ll be stuck playing on your LeapFrog.

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