The Glucose Test

Well today was the big day. We [me and you in there] went to our prenatal appointment today. I like our prenatal appointments. They are a lot different from a regular prenatal appointment. It’s in a group setting. There we have other pregnant women that is due June like me and we talk and discuss our pregnancies. Today we danced; our OB-GYN showed us some dance techniques that will help us with hip and back pains. I could barely do them because my hip was killing me. Good old Sciatica. The name of this program is called Centering Pregnancy.

We take our own weight and our own blood pressure. I gained 8lbs since my last visit. The doctor was said all the women in our group gained a lot of weight as well. I think the weight I gained is all you though; maybe. My stomach isn’t really out there yet, I can still see my feet just fine.

Anyway, the Glucose Tolerance Test was not as bad as other women were telling me. I had the orange flavor and it tasted like Gatorade; it was nice and cold. I was reading in my pregnancy group on Facebook that a lot of women get sick afterwards. I was just fine. After I took the test, I had to get my blood drawn and your mom is scared of needles. The blood draw was for the glucose test, and to check and see if my prenatal vitamins are giving me the required iron that I need. I can guess right now that it probably isn’t. My nails are very weak and brittle like they were before I got pregnant and I’m always tired; that could be because of the pregnancy,  I don’t know.

Hopefully when they call me with the results to my test, I don’t have to come in to take the 3 hour glucose test. I really don’t want to be in a hospital that long.

I left the hospital  and took a trip to Granny’s. She had got me some jogging outfits and some receiving blankets for you. I ended up finding about the surprise her and your great great Aunt had for me and you. They’re making baby baskets since they couldn’t throw me a baby shower. The baskets are huge and I know they’re going to fill them up. Your great grandma and your great great-aunt is so excited about you, it’s a bit of a shock actually. Our family is tiny but I didn’t think it would be that much of a big deal to them. Guess I was wrong. Well just know mommy & daddy as well as the rest of your family loves you a lot already. Can’t wait to see you.

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