Chicken Night

Yep, tonight we had baked chicken, candied yamsgreen beans, and mashed potatoes. Hopefully what I eat tonight doesn’t interfere with the glucose test I have to take tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll like my cooking. I think I’m a decent cook.

You’re really active in there; getting stronger by the day. You kicked me so hard in my ribs last night it actually hurt. I can tell there is more to come as the pregnancy progresses. I’m not really running to the bathroom every 15 minutes…yet but you do tend to sit on my bladder which causes me to go to the bathroom.

Hopefully I’ve gained a decent amount of weight when I check and see tomorrow. I was 140lbs at my last appointment; still under the required weight that I’m supposed to be. I guess that’ll change as you grow. I guess your great-grandmother was right, I am going to be “all baby” because I am. I’m planning on taking pictures once I’m 7 months, I won’t be taking many; probably just two. Your mom has a  photophobia.

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