Hey In There!

There is no need to be kicking my bladder, Mr. man. I know I’ve nicknamed you Thumper but I’m starting to believe that it’s all too fitting. Well I managed to get out and do a bit of walking today. Although it was drizzling, it felt nice. Had to refill my prenatal vitamins and make a visit to the bank. Gave me some time to think about you and your father. I wonder what kind of relationship you guys are going to have. I just hope he won’t be too busy for you. That would break my heart.

Guess what? You father has his own blog now too. It’s private though and in due time, he’ll be able to read it. I just want to give him enough to read before I send him the e-mail. Hopefully he reads it. As much reading he do on technology-wait, my blog might just put him to sleep. He seems to only read when it’s interesting. Anyway, enough of that, everything was okay today. MySciatica didn’t bother me much and I was actually able to walk without wincing in pain with every step.

We have a prenatal appointment on Tuesday next week. From the feel of it, you’re doing fine. Kicking me in my ribs and responding to every key I press on the keyboard. Cute.

I had grilled cheese, a chicken sandwich and spaghetti today. I felt like a pig afterwards. I really feel sorry for the women who can’t eat certain things without it upsetting their stomachs. That must suck.

I thought about you a lot today. Wondering what you look like, how tall you’re going to get when you reach that age. How much you’re going to look and act like your dad. Two Adam’s under one roof…oh man.

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