An Okay Day

Today was slow and miserable for the most part. You were kicking me and probably looking around for the first time. Today you opened your eyes. I wonder what it looks like in there. I know you’re wondering what it looks like out here.

Living so high up sucks. Why? Heat rises, and I’ve been hot all day; sweating all over the place. I hope I’m not losing weight. It’s like a sweat shop without the manual labor in the bedroom. Today I was too weak, or tired to get up and leave the apartment and go downstairs or something.

I know you’re wondering what’s that you’re hearing. It doesn’t sound likeFamily Guy or House MD, it’s because today I’ve decided to watch a movie. You know to switch it up a bit. It’s Iron Man 2. Speaking of which, the new upcoming movie ‘The Avengers‘ is supposed to be filmed here in Cleveland, Ohio. Isn’t that great?! Captain America is not my cup of tea at all but hopefully this movie turns out well. Spiderman came out good when they filmed a section of that here so we shall see.

Anyway, besides the irregular heartbeat and the fact that I’m hot all the time, everything else is ok. Your mom is doing good so far and hopefully you are too. We shall see once I take this glucose test for gestational diabetes next week. I should be ok, I rarely eat sugar but then again, I eat a lot of pasta and other starches. I hope I won’t have to fast before I take this test. Mommy loves you.

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