Spaghetti Night

We had spaghetti today. It was very good in fact. It’s odd that I can’t eat sweet and sour chicken, drink vegetable juice or eatManwich without getting heartburn but I can eat spaghetti and lasagna just fine. You are a man after my heart; you already love pasta as much as me. Either that or you’re a picky eater.

I think your dad really likes my cooking, as well as your great grandma. Every time she calls me, she ask me when am I going to make some more lasagna. I learned from the best I guess, she taught me everything I know so it makes sense that whatever I cook is pretty good. I Think once I’m done with this blog, I’m going to make me another plate; I’ll add Parmesan cheesethis time.

Very active today, not as much as yesterday. You respond when you hear your dad speaking now. Normally you would sit still. I wonder if you’re sick ofHouse and Family Guy sense that’s all I watch, day in and day out. I hope not,House MD is a great show and Family Guy is hilarious. Both of which I will not allow you to watch at a young age.

It’s odd now how my prenatal vitamins started making me sick around the 25th or on the 25th week of my pregnancy. Before I was able to take them without having to eat first, but now that’s not the case. Well whatever makes you happy I guess.

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