Out and About

Me andAdam was out and about today. We went to go see your great grandmother and my cat Jojo. It’s sad I can’t have him with me. I miss him so and I can tell he misses me; he ran right up to me andmeowed for me to scratch his head. I really would like to get Jojo, my big brother terrorizes him; shaking him and roughly rubbing his head like he’s a German Shepard or something.

Saw my Sister and brother [your Aunt and Uncle] today. They seemed alright I guess. My brother seemed more happy with life than my little sister did. Don’t know what my sister could be so miserable about. If anything, I’m the one that should be pulling my hair out.

I’ll be 26 weeks  in two days and that means it’s time for Lamaze classes and a tour around University Hospital‘s Rainbow Babies & Children’s maternity ward. That should be fun, hopefully your father could be there with us.

As usual, right when I get comfortable or getting ready to eat, you’re doing your cart wheels and flips. Everyday, they seem to get stronger and stronger. Is it weird that I look forward to that everyday? It makes me smile and it lets me know that you’re ok in there. Hopefully by now you can recognize my voice and your fathers; you seem to. Every time your father speaks, you stop moving; even when he touches my stomach sometimes. It’s weird but cute. How can you be so shy around your dad and not me? I can tell we’re going to be best friends.

Well today was good, I was in a good mood. Even the people on the bus didn’t upset me when they bumped into my arm or stepped on my foot without saying “excuse me”. You’re going to be so well mannered, I can’t allow you to be as rude as a lot of people are. Anyway, it’s already well established that you’re an early bird as well as an night owl. Telling me when you’re ready for bed and letting me know when it’s time to get up. All that’s going to change sir. You’re not going to like it but you’ll understand when you get older.

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