Was It A Nightmare?

I wish I was here the day my son had what my his father describes as a nightmare. Not sure if it was, though. He laid him down on his lap to take a nap while he used the computer. All of a sudden he woke up attacking him. Something scared him and when he told me this I immediately felt helpless. It made me realize that there are going to be things that I can’t protect my son from and that scares me. I will eventually have to let my son live his life and I’ll be there for him to support him and nothing more. I can’t live his life for him and I won’t even attempt to.

Well after he had his mini “nightmare”, he went back to sleep and his dad laid him down in his lounger and he fell fast asleep.

I need to be ready for this; this maybe was his first nightmare but it won’t be his last. There will be other nights as he grows older where he’ll have a nightmare and he runs to me in my room to tell me about it. I’ll be able to comfort him and offer him to sleep next to mommy for the night but reassure him that it was only a nightmare. He won’t understand it then but when he mature’s he will.

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