The Wind Almost Took My Son

Today, I decided to go outside with my beautiful son. I needed to go to thelibrary and it was an unusually warm day. The twist, is that it was a warm and WINDY day. Today is the day I talk about how the wind almost took my baby.Cleveland is a gloomy city and the weather may surprise unsuspecting people. I — was one of those people. First let me tell you where I stay. I stay downtown. If I’m in a tall enough building, I can see the lake. Add that fact and crazy Cleveland weather and you have a disaster.

Getting to the library was fine. The wind wasn’t as brutal; it didn’t rain either. Getting home was a different story. Upon my leaving the library with my happy son, I noticed that it rained while I was in the library but conveniently stopped when I was on my way out. Let me just say, if you ever thought it wasn’t “that windy” until you pass a 12 story building and almost get blown away, you can get where I’m about to go with this. Anyway, I leave out of the library with my son bundled up and getting upset because he couldn’t see anything. I head to the cross walk and get ready to cross the street. This gust of wind took me off guard and for some reason my mom instincts immediately kicked in to gear. I wanted to just take my son out the stroller and run for my life like I was a Japanese running away from Godzilla. I kept my composure — well in this case I didn’t need to, people were moving around when they were trying to stay still so they really didn’t notice me do a once over on this huge sail (you’ll understand why I call it a sail later) of a blanket to make sure my sweetie was still bundled up. He definitely don’t need another cold right now. I finally get across the street to head up to E. 6th and Euclid.

Standing at the corner of E. 6th St. catching my breath and waiting on the light (or I should say a bunch of lights) to change when another gust of wind try to take me and my son flying. This guy that was standing next to me tells me that my sons blanket looks like a sail and laughs. To keep from sending him flying I laughed and kept it moving. Just a couple more blocks and I was home free. I’m walking along and this absurd amount of wind comes out of no where and it’s so strong, I can’t even move or push the stroller. Then suddenly, my son’s stroller is lifting off the ground and heading towards to street with me still holding on. I wasn’t letting go for nothing! I was scared for him, and me. The wind was so loud, I couldn’t hear him making noise, I couldn’t hear me crapping myself (I didn’t really crap myself), I couldn’t hear nothing. It was like the wind had a vendetta on me and my child today. Why of all days?! All I wanted to do was spend time with my baby, and take advantage of this unusually warm day! What side of the bed the wind woke up on is crystal clear! I finally make it to this building that has a sign that says,’ six, six, eight’; whatever that means and I stand there, I’m so pissed, I needed to take a picture of this day, so I took a picture of the building I was using for cover if a car decided to fly out one of the parking lots.

At this point I was sure the wind had it out for me. I couldn’t wait any longer so I decide to go inside of CVS which was next to the parking lot that was next to the building I was using for cover. Before I forget, people were walking behind me to shield themselves from the wind, so when I stopped, they stopped. The nerve right? Serves them right though because soon as they strolled past the building and the wind was still blowing but in a different direction that would have sent them coasting into the street, they realized they didn’t think things all the way through. Anyway, I make it to CVS and decided to do a little shopping while I cool my heals and get my heart out my throat. I make my purchases and exit the store and in that little time I forgot it was windy outside. Let’s just say, I made it home in one piece. I pull my son’s sail off him when I got in the house and he’s knocked out. He slept through all that.


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